About Marie's YA novel Hawk

The Story

Hyw yearns to join his father in serving the charismatic Llywelyn, Prince of Wales. If only Hyw dared tell anyone of his ability to scout through the eyes of a hawk, it might help secure his place in the the royal guard. Cat, his sister, longs to inherit the magical ability that runs through her mother’s line. If only she could see her future, now that she is 13 and promised to a boy she barely remembers.

When a messenger summons the prince to a secret meeting, Cat and Hyw find themselves in the middle of a war that threatens to destroy all of Wales. Can they master their special abilities in time to save the royal family–and themselves?

Set among actual events and personages of late 13th century Wales, Marie Powell’s fantasy┬ánovel recreates what life might have been like for two unusually gifted teenagers coming of age.

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Fans at Regina's Fan Expo 2016, reading Hawk
Fans at Regina’s Fan Expo 2016, enjoying Hawk

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