Marie Powell
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Marie Powell is excited to announce the publication of her new historical fantasy series: Last of the Gifted in 2020! Spirit Sight is due out this summer, and Water Sight this fall.

Marie is the author of more than 40 children’s and young adult books with such traditional publishers as Amicus Publishing, Scholastic Education, Lerner/Lightning Bolt, Crabtree and more. Her short fiction and poetry can be found in subTerrain, Room, Transition, and other literary magazines. She is also a professional writer, editor, journalist, and photographer with work published in a variety of formats.

Marie’s children’s books include early readers, middle-grade nonfiction, and science books for young readers. Her young adult novels include fantasy and historical fantasy books. Her articles appear in newspapers, magazines, online and international markets. Her poetry and short fiction have appeared in a variety of literary magazines and anthologies. As well, she provides research and editing services, and loves to do readings and workshops for all ages.

She loves travelling. On her recent castle-hopping trip to Wales, she explored her family roots and immersed herself in the culture and landscape of her heritage. At the same time, she discovered valuable research for her YA fantasy series, Last of the Gifted.

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About Marie's editing
About Marie’s media work and editing
“Marie was the fiction editor of the magazine that was publishing my first short story. What I appreciated most, in addition to the close reading and insightful suggestions on my work, was the ease of working with Marie. Our working relationship felt like a true partnership where I could express my questions and concerns and they’d be welcomed and fully considered. What an important experience to have as a newly published writer!” – Darla Tenold (Spring magazine)
About Marie's poetry
About Marie’s journalism, short fiction, and poetry
About Marie's workshops and readings
About Marie’s workshops and readings
“When we booked Marie Powell to facilitate our workshop on blogging, I had intended to remain on the sidelines and watch. But I soon found myself drawn into the activities she presented, writing the prompts along with the workshop participants — and enjoying it. Normally I write academic work and reports, but this workshop offered a chance to write more creatively. Marie was a skilled and inspiring workshop leader, and offered more content about the writing craft in her presentation than I had anticipated. It was fun too. I would highly recommend Marie as a skilled and knowledgeable writer and workshop leader.”  – Addison Meredith, Spinal Cord Injury Saskatchewan