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Last of the Gifted: Spirit Sight

A Welsh warrior-in-training can control the minds of animals.

His sister can see the future in a drop of water.

Now they are all that stand between their people and the invading English army…     (more)

“An evocative epic laced with myth and fact… Powerful phrasing, sensory descriptions… The Last of the Gifted is a classic.” – Ottawa Review of Books

Last of the Gifted: Water Sight

Last of the Gifted: Water Sight

With her brother trapped in his magic and her betrothed in an English jail,
Catrin faces an impossible choice: save her brother, or save the man she loves… (more)

“…Water Sight is a must-read for fans of the historical fiction/fantasy genres. Action-packed and evenly paced, this is the perfect end of 2020 fantasy book for all readers, but especially fans of the YA genre.”     – Anthony Avina

Last of the Gifted is a medieval fantasy series combining myths and magic in the historical realities of Wales in 1282

Published by Wood Dragon Books

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Marie loves to travel. On her recent trip to Wales, she immersed herself in the culture and landscape of her heritage and did valuable research for her Young Adult historical fantasy series, Last of the Gifted.

Pen-y-Bryn-Aber Manor House in Wales
Pen-y-Bryn-Aber Manor House in Wales

The series begins with Spirit Sight, set at Garth Celyn, a castle lost to time. Some believe it was located on the site of Pen-Y-Bryn manor house at Abergwyngregyn. The tower featured in the picture at left was  known as Llywelyn’s Tower.

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