Here are some testimonials for fiction editing:

“Marie was the fiction editor of the magazine that was publishing my first short story. What I appreciated most, in addition to the close reading and insightful suggestions on my work, was the ease of working with Marie. Our working relationship felt like a true partnership where I could express my questions and concerns and they’d be welcomed and fully considered. What an important experience to have as a newly published writer!” – Darla Tenold (Spring magazine, 2017)

“I have been working on my first novel for a while now. But, before submitting it to a publisher, I know it can have stronger characters and a more compelling storyline. But how to get there? It is difficult to be critical of my own work.  That is the reason I was so happy to find the services of Marie Powell. Such an excellent editor! She suggested just a few, well-placed changes and already the manuscript is flowing beautifully. A publisher has requested the entire manuscript now. I feel confident submitting, knowing that Marie’s careful eye and well-honed skills are part of the package.”
– Carol Daniels (Bearskin Diary)

Here are some testimonials for other editing services:

“I wanted my music teaching bio to sound friendlier and more engaging for students and parents. I immediately thought of Marie, and she set aside some time to edit it for me that same weekend. Now the two-paragraph bio works so well, I’ve already had students choosing me after reading it. Thank you for helping with my web presence!” – Megan Fries

“Marie is knowledgeable and proved easy to work with, even on a quick turn-around. She not only caught every error, but offered insightful comments into the content and coherence of the work. She was upfront about her fees, which were more than fair given the quality of her work. I plan to use her services again and would highly recommend her to others.”
– Karen Hobden, PhD, Trial Project Manager, Psychology, University of Windsor

“When I set out to complete my final project for my MBA, it seemed like an overwhelming task. Fortunately, Marie Powell was there to help! Marie provided editing services that were second to none. She provided prompt service on a short timeline, was easy to work with, and delivered superb feedback. Incorporating her suggestions I was able to refine my work and produce a great – and successful – result. Thanks Marie for all of your help! If I need an editor in the future, you’ll be my first call.”
– Mark Cooper, Director of Policy and Communication Services, Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association

“I’ve found Marie’s editing services to be quick and accurate. She brings articles into line with required style guidelines, and her copy editing notes provide useful comments that help me complete projects successfully.”
– Dr. Kim J. Calder Stegemann, School of Education, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC

Here are some testimonials for my work at Booming Ground, as published on the Booming Ground website: 

  • “All of your insightful responses were crucial for setting me on the right track with this project. I’m still referring to your feedback regularly as I move forward with my work. Your comments were important to me for direction, encouragement, and as a lens through which I was able to rethink my own vision. Thank you so much.”
  • “Your reading of my work thus far has been immensely helpful and encouraging. Thanks so much for everything.”
  • “I just reread your response and feedback. I really appreciate your insight. I have taken a few books out from the library from suggestions you made and am looking forward to working on the section you have edited.”
  • “Thank you for your thoughtful feedback and comments.”
  • “I can’t tell you how much your feedback has helped me. Having put the story away for the past 2 months and reading it anew along with your comments has been extremely informative. Because I tend to forget the details of what I’ve written, it helps to put it away for sometime and return to it as a “reader” rather than as a writer. Your comments and feedback and all of your suggestions have been invaluable to me. I hope I get to sign up for another mentorship with you in the future. Again, thanks a million. I hope you’re doing great.”
  • “Thank you very much for your very helpful and constructive comments. I now have a much better idea of what needs to be done before the book can be submitted for publication. I really appreciate your thorough analysis the manuscript.”