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3some TreesSeptember

Feature Interview: “Behind the Pages with Marie Powell
Story Monsters Inc: September 2021
Every novel has its own origin story, I think. For my novel series Last of the Gifted, my inspiration was a family trip to Wales…” 

AugustStory Monster Spot Aug 2021

August 19 – Siren Radio – Alex Lewczuk
“Award winning writer/editor/publisher Marie Powell returns to the programme and discusses the audio version of her epic YA work with Gabriella Van Jennians and Robin Pierce.”

SaskBooks Review by Allison Kydd
“Those encountering the world of a Marie Powell fantasy for the first time with Last of the Gifted, Book Two: Water Sight will be impressed by her confident storytelling and vivid characterizations, especially because she combines history and fantasy…” 

Spirit Sight got a spot in the August issue of Story Monsters! Spirit Sight won 2021 Purple Dragonfly Honorable Mention for YA Science Fiction & Fantasy eBooks!
Young Adulting: Serious Reviews of Books for Kids and Teens
Interview by the Young Adulting Editors

WS Summer A


Writer’s Virtual Table Episode 3 – Casey Bell – CSB-TV

Sue Rovens Blog – New Author Alert! 
Today, the Meet & Greet author interview section is welcoming Marie Powell to the blog!

July 15 – Reader’s Entertainment Magazine – Meet the Author: Marie Powell

Writers Showcase Podcast – H. M. Gooden
Heather and I discuss writing, inspiration, and what keeps us going as fantasy authors

Julio Carlos Talks (A Lot) Podcast – Historic Fiction Review of Water Sight

Scribble’s Worth interview – Julio and I discuss writing query letters, working with editors, and more
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June 25 – She Blurbs – Let’s Talk with Marie Powell
Brook and I discuss the way family heritage and writing can intersect

June 23 – thereviewera, Los Angeles
Let’s Talk Knowledge article and review

June 18 – Journeys with Jana – Reviews: SPIRIT SIGHT and WATER SIGHT by Marie Powell
“Though based on actual historical events and people, “Spirit Sight” is also an adventure story and a fantasy novel. And it’s an absolutely fabulous, fun read. You’ll cheer for Hyw and Cat just as I did!” 

June 15 – AllAuthor Interview
Lots of juicy questions in this interview

June 15 – GSMC podcasts – Sarah Meckler
Sarah and I talk about my Last of the Gifted Series: Spirit Sight and Water Sight
GSMC Book Review Podcast Episode 295: Interview with Marie Powell

June 12: “Featured Author” post
These questions focus on the writing life

June 7 – The Magic of Stories – About a Book – Karen Mossman
Karen and I discuss where the idea came from and more

June 6 – Chat and Spin – live on UK radio


SS WS Arthurian Fantasy Apr 12 1May

May 27, 2021 – The Author Library @AnnaJWalner
“Marie and I talk about her Last of the Gifted Series, and her road through publishing. We also delve into the rich Welsh history behind the series, and her inspirations in life and art.”

May 18 – Julie Sara Porter, Bookworm Reviews
Weekly Reader: Spirit Sight (Last of the Gifted Book One) by Marie Powell
“New Epic Fantasy Series Set in Wales Has Interesting Leads With Extraordinary Abilities”

May 16, 2021 – Timothy Niederriter
“This week’s guest is Marie Powell, and we chat about her new historical fantasy series set in medieval Wales…”

May 12 – Theresa Hulongbayan’s Book Blog – Theresa’s Reviews
“I would love to share this book with a middle school English class and help them see that political struggle happens all the time and that history is full of one political group against another.”

May 7 – Jana Richard’s Blog Post
A chance to talk about Dafydd’s daughters and the upcoming series

May 3 – Historical Novels Review online (also print mag)
Review of Water Sight! 

May 2 – The Brian Shepard Show (live podcast on Facebook)



April 30: Scribble’s Worth Reviews – Top 10 Books of the Year

April 30: CTV Regina interview – Regina author launches Last of the Gifted

April 25: CBC Radio Saskatchewan Weekend with Shauna Powers (Sunday 8:10 am)
Post: “Who knew ancient Welsh history could be so entertaining to talk about?! Host Shauna Powers speaks with a delightful Regina author whose magical tales take us back to the 13th century while still reminding of us the challenges we face in our modern world.”

April 16: Author Reads video podcast (Fairy Princess Lolly)
April 16: CTV Morning Show – 10:30 am

April 10 – Sci-Fi Saturday Night – Interview about Water Sight
“How does one get lost in their own interview? I have to admit, it was easy in this one. Marie Powell came by to take with us about her personal journey of discovery which began with an ancestral inquiry into her own Welsh background and culminated into this marvelous duology…”

April 4 – Liz Butcher Behind the Book
FB link –

April 2 – Ottawa Review of Books Easter Edition – Water Sight Review by Wendy Hawkin
“An evocative epic laced with myth and fact… Powerful phrasing, sensory descriptions, and mythical references abound….This is a series for young adults and I recommend it to teachers and librarians. The characters face contemporary struggles in a historic setting. The mingling of myth, magic, and adventure will appeal to middle grade and high school students, but also their parents. The Last of the Gifted is a classic.” – Wendy Hawkin, Ottawa Review of Books 

April 1 – Julie Porter Bookworm Reviews

April 1 – Mandy Barnett – Author Interview: Marie Powell




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