Marie has written on a wide variety of topics. Her articles appear in regional, national, and international newspapers, magazines, and online markets.  Her interests have led her in many directions. For example, journalism has given her a unique opportunity to:

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Explore the world!

I grip the steering wheel, driving on the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the highway. The hairpin turns are more than a little hair-raisingREAD MOREA Flatlander in the Welsh Mountains: One Author’s Story – Global Welsh Connects

“It’s important to know that an evacuation doesn’t mean everybody leaves…” READ MORE

“It was the Stolen Sisters report that really blew the lid off of the issue of missing women and brought it out into the public,” says Brenda Anderson, a religious studies instructor at Luther College at the University of Regina. But it was Amber Redman, she admits, who really drew her into the issue…  READ MORE

[Gordon Savic] takes up some rolled-up papers from the bureau… acting awards, won at international theatre festivals. He puts his finger through a tear in one: They had come home one day to their 13th storey apartment in Sarajevo to discover a large-calibre shell had whizzed through the apartment window… tearing through their acievements as easily as through their lives… READ MORE

Explore important provincial values

“Concepts like freedom and flexibility and “ideas about everyday life and lifestyle” (241) have spurred the growth of what Lise Herslund calls a “rural creative class” (235): people like the Fergusons, well educated with highly developed skill sets, who choose rural areas for their businesses… READ MORE

Marie is a dedicated and professional writer and has several thousand freelance articles to her credit (writing as Marie Powell, M.E. Powell, and Marie Powell Mendenhall).  Her writing has given her the opportunity to:

and more. She also contributes regularly to trade magazines and online news markets, such as:

and many others.

One of her passions is travel and writing about her adventures. Her first travel article, “Soaking up history in Ironbridge, Shropshire,” appears in

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