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Marie Powell’s YA Historical Fantasy set in Wales in 1283

Wales 1282:

A warrior-in-training can control the minds of animals.

His sister can see the future in a drop of water.

Now they are all that stand between their people and the invading English army.

Hyw’s gift—seeing through the eyes of birds and animals—could win him a place in the Prince of Wales’ bodyguard. But ambush and murder force Hyw to stretch his gift in unexpected ways. When the prince tries to use Hyw to spy on the invading English, they clash with old friends and ruthless enemies

Hyw’s sister Catrin sees visions of death and disaster. The young nobleman she’s pledged to marry thinks his love endangers her gift. But they must work together to help prevent the genocide she foresees.

Can the gifts be trusted? Or will their world shatter around them?

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Last of the Gifted: Water Sight

Coming Fall 2020:

Last of the Gifted: Water Sight

Water Sight will be released this fall

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