taken in San Diego
taken in San Diego

Marie’s poetry and short stories have been published in many different venues, such as:

  • subterrain-issue-63-screen-shot

subTerrain – Lush Triumphant runner up, “Grid Lines”

RoomFiction contest, second place, “Ghosting”

Transition Magazine – “Hinterland” and “Ice Age”

(Cover shot and inside photos as well)

  • Pandora’s Collective – “Spontaneous Combustion” – Second place winner in the Summer Dream contest
  • Close to Quitting Time print anthologyclose-to-quitting-time-screen-shot

Marie’s poem “after work at four in the morning” placed in the contest and was published with one of her favourites, “They’re boarding up the IGA today”

  • WindFire
  • the Winnipeg Free Press
  • and more