This date in history…

...We were visiting a small castle called Dolwyddelan, known to have been built and used by the Welsh princes in the 13thCentury. Placards set around the castle provided a self-guided tour into the history of that castle and the fall of independent Wales in 1282-3. Then I walked up the stairs to the wall walk, and looked out over the landscape. I started wondering what it must have been like for them...

December 11, 1282: Who killed Llywelyn, the last Prince of Wales?

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, the last true Prince of Wales, was killed on December 11, 1282 near Builth, Powys. This provides the first turning point in my book Spirit Sight. As a novelist, it seemed simple enough to write — until I discovered several different versions of Llywelyn’s death. Llywelyn was the only Welsh ruler to be recognized by the English crown as … Continue reading December 11, 1282: Who killed Llywelyn, the last Prince of Wales?

Five Tips to Become a Children’s Writer

I recently had an opportunity to read my books and talk about being a children's book author to a group of school childen. I also enjoy giving workshops or speaking on panels with other authors and publishers, especially when we share our very different paths to published writing. Here are my five best tips: 1. … Continue reading Five Tips to Become a Children’s Writer

Hyw’s Hawks

I’ve always loved hawks. When I was young, we often went on family drives in the country, and my mother would point them out, perched on the fence posts or in full and graceful flight above us. The first time I saw hawks up close was when I wrote an article on a modern falconer … Continue reading Hyw’s Hawks